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Rookie of the Year: Driven to Succeed

Levar Ramsey launched his Landstar agency, Gorilla Freight, LLC, in Loganville, Georgia, to a whirlwind of success, and he shows no signs of slowing down. 

Ramsay opened the doors to his agency in mid-March 2022 and generated nearly $6 million in Landstar revenue within his first year. Ramsay, who has a strong sales background and an entrepreneurial spirit, says joining the Landstar network has enabled him to take his career to the next level. It also helps fuel his ultimate passion: giving back to those in need.


Ramsay’s first job was door-to-door telecommunications sales in New York. The skills and mindset he learned there were pivotal to his later success.

“I’ve always had a drive to be great; that keeps me going,” Ramsay says. “It was instilled in me early on in my telecom sales career. I was knocking on doors in high-rise buildings in New York City. I learned to do the legwork and not be afraid of hearing a ‘no’ and moving on to the next potential customer.”

He later became the founder and CEO of a telecommunications solutions provider in Loganville before entering the transportation industry.

Ramsay operated a small trucking company that mostly used box trucks to run locally. He again brought his sales expertise to drive his success, but running an independent carrier business came with unique challenges.

“As an independent carrier, I had no support. It was like being on a deserted island,” Ramsay says. “All the expenses I incurred – from setting up bonds to TMS systems – are costly for a solo entrepreneur.” He began searching for a way to take his transportation career to the next level, and that is when he learned about Landstar.


Ramsay was drawn to Landstar because of its reputation as an industry leader in the transportation industry. He thought being part of the Landstar network would increase his customer base and enhance the service he could offer customers.

He met with Kent Scolamiero, a Landstar area sales manager, and was thrilled to learn about the opportunities and resources available through Landstar. "Kent was wonderful from the beginning,” Ramsay says. “He was pivotal in getting my agency set up and was there to answer all of my questions throughout the process.”

Ramsay transitioned from doing business as a small fleet owner to being an independent freight agent with Landstar, where his role became cultivating relationships with customers in the Atlanta area and Landstar BCOs, and connecting customers with Landstar’s vast network of capacity and services.

“It was easy for my team to transition from being a carrier to an agency because we spoke the same language as Landstar,” Ramsay says. “Getting familiar with Landstar’s terms and processes was fluid for us.” 

From day one, he was amazed at the support and resources backing him at Landstar, which, he says, helped his agency find immediate success.

“Coming into a situation like Landstar, where you have resources at your disposal and departments that provide you with great advice and a helping hand, has been wonderful,” Ramsay says. “I went from a deserted island to a welcoming family environment where people truly care about each other.”

“I think the support behind Landstar,” Ramsay continues, “the people and the relationships behind it, is what makes this organization so great.”


Ramsay’s success with Landstar has helped fuel his dreams outside work. In addition to raising a family of four daughters with his wife, his life’s passion is volunteering and giving back to the community. The revenue he generates as an independent agent and the valuable insights he has gained on the job contribute to his charity initiatives. 

“I am a man of faith, and I’ve learned that my ultimate purpose is to look out for people,” Ramsay says. “There are people relying on me – not just my family or coworkers, but also people in our community who need help.”

In 2016, he started a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, GO Team International, Inc., to aid underserved and marginalized communities. The charity has three pillars of service: serving the homeless population in Atlanta and various communities, rehabilitating the incarcerated population through pen pal ministry, and aiding underprivileged communities internationally through mission trips.

For Ramsay, the difference a helping hand can make is something he knows personally. He struggled in his youth and is grateful for the people who were there for him.

“When I was young, I didn’t have my mind right, and people were looking out for me,” Ramsay says. “Now, I can be the one looking out for other people and helping them get on the right track.”

With a successful Landstar agency and a growing charity, Ramsay is highly motivated to reach his goals, and he knows the Landstar network will be there to help him succeed.

Earlier this year, Ramsay was named Landstar’s 2022 Rookie of the Year, an award given to an independent agent who is new to the Landstar network and has achieved outstanding revenue performance and excellence in customer service.

“Thanks to God, Landstar, and the support we’ve had there, our agency had an incredible entry into the Landstar program, and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish next.”

If you want to join the Landstar network as an independent agent like LeVar, Call 888-949-2880 for more details about becoming an independent Landstar freight agent or opening your own agency.

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