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Over-the-Road to Under the Sea

Landstar step deck trailer at port.“Taking her to Long Beach, California,” wrote Landstar BCO Nelson Suarez in his social media post of breathtaking photos of his 2016 Kenworth T-680 parked in front of Atlantis, an oceanographic research vessel in Gulfport, Mississippi.

“The load was ‘Alvin’, like the chipmunks,” Suarez laughs. “No, not a chipmunk, but that’s how I remember the name. It’s a human occupied submersible that goes into the ocean and collects data. I’m told it’s a robot that does things like explore underwater volcanoes and hydrothermal vents in the ocean.”

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), when Alvin - a human occupied vehicle (HOV), is launched from research vessel Atlantis, it can dive up to 2.8 miles and spend up to 10 hours exploring.

“It was a really neat load, and oceanography is something that really interests me,” says Suarez. “Understanding what I am carrying and how it will impact mankind is really one of the best parts of being an owner-operator.”

A Landstar BCO since 2014, Suarez says hauling unique freight and learning about it has become more like a hobby than a way to earn a living. “Learning about the unique freight I haul makes it all more interesting. I really enjoy Landstar for that reason, because learning new things is something I get to do a lot.” 

Arriving safely in California, Alvin was unloaded from Suarez’ 51-foot Landstar stepdeck trailer and readied for the next leg of its journey. 

“Alvin’s ultimate destination after my delivery was Fiji,” says Suarez. “So, something I transported will soon be exploring underwater volcanoes on the ocean floor near Fiji – and that’s freight you don’t forget.”

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