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Education Through Networking

Before arriving at Landstar System’s headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, 13 students from the Eisenhower School of National Security and Resource Strategy had a specific request regarding their upcoming educational experience with Landstar: they wanted to speak with Landstar business capacity owners (BCOs) and see the inside of a truck firsthand. On April 11, 2024, their request was granted.

The Eisenhower School is part of National Defense University, where the visiting students all share a logistics specialization within their individual chosen area of study. The students came to Jacksonville to enhance their education with a more in-depth understanding of logistics from a transportation provider that services multiple branches of government.

“Many of these students will move on in their careers to become policymakers,” explains Landstar Vice President of Government Services Mike Cashner. “It's worthwhile for these logisticians to know Landstar and how the overall transportation system supports the Department of Defense (DOD).”

Most years, Cashner travels to Washington, D.C. himself to speak with the students. This year, however, several Landstar employees had the opportunity to present to the students while they were on-site.

Cashner dove into the details of Landstar’s government services department, while Chief Financial Officer Jim Todd offered insight into the financial and regulatory considerations of transportation logistics. Vice Presidents of Information Technology Pat Heekin and Gary Klingerman — leading network services and architecture, respectively — spoke to the group about cyber security, transit visibility and technology's role in how Landstar meets the DOD’s compliance regulations.

Husband-and-wife BCO team Judy and Rudy GliddenHusband-and-wife BCO team Judy and Rudy Glidden also spoke to the students, as they had requested, answering questions about their experiences hauling arms, ammunition and explosives (AA&E), and about life on the road as owner-operators.

“It was a wonderful opportunity,” says Judy. “Their questions concerned how to make our jobs out here more effective in terms of the truck stops, the roadways and more.”

Before the visit ended, Judy and Ray led the students to their brand-new Western Star truck, taking the group in three at a time to see the truck’s interior.

While Cashner was grateful for the opportunity to facilitate industry education on behalf of Landstar, he was equally determined to illustrate Landstar’s dedication to serving the Department of Defense.

“There are many requirements to be in compliance with the DOD, and I think it’s important to show the students our commitment to meeting them,” Cashner says. “We’re deeply committed. It’s just who we are here at Landstar.”



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